On the 09 January 2018 we embarked on our long anticipated family journey of discovery. We left our home city of Cape Town, South Africa to circle the globe in 11 months. We set our goal as “To explore, enjoy, learn, share, stretch limits and open our minds to the possibilities that the world has to offer. Leaving each place and person better for our presence or interaction.” We had a broad plan with a route heading West starting in Argentina and ending in London in mid-December 2018, we'd then fly back to Cape Town. 

Now we in Cape Town, back in our home and back to work and school. It's hard to explain the incredible experience it was for us as individuals, as a couple, mother and daughter, father and daughter and as a family unit. As we settle into 2019 and talk about our experience to our circle of friends, over the dinner table and in moments of self reflection the enormity of the journey our family took emotionally and physically (moving cities on average over the year every 4 to 5 days) for 335 days.

We still have moments of feeling not quite at ease with the 'normality' of our day-to-day lives in Cape Town and other moments where it feels lovely to be in our home, in our great kitchen and on OUR beds with OUR pillows and seeing our close friends.

So while our extended family adventure Bungeys on Tour 2018 is over, we know this is not the end of our family travel adventures, plans are underfoot for an adventure somewhere later this year. Maybe local maybe beyond the borders of South Africa.


In the mean time as we reflect on our adventure we will keep posting a few blogs on this website we'd planned on the road, our reflections now we are home, lessons learnt, family dynamics or just random musings about our adventure. 

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