We are a family of 3 living in Cape Town, South Africa. StJohn works in the financial services industry, Michelle  is a freelance management consultant and Charlotte is 8, she will be 9 and ½ when we start our adventure in 2018 (it was 2019 but we changed this in late 2016 - see our blog for our reasons why).


For many years we talked about traveling the world and when would be a good time. In 2012 we came fairly close to taking an extended trip and then as life happens, an opportunity came up that we decided to embrace and put our plans on hold.

It’s now August 2016, we’ve concluded there will never be perfect time and we’ve got to set the date and work towards it. The year is set (2018), map is up on the wall, internet research is ongoing and it’s a regular topic of conversation at our dinner table.


This is a journal of our planning, thoughts, dreams and concerns (yes there are a few!) in the planning phases and, once we are on the road, a diary of our adventures.