Travelling Light

The quote I recently found by a travel writer, Rick Steves “Travel like Gandhi, with simple clothes and an open uncluttered mind” got us thinking about travel gear again, in particular luggage again.

2 wheels, 4 wheels, no wheels, carry-on luggage only, hard-shell versus duffle…phrases from many a discussion around our dinner table. The keywords during of internet research, reading review after review and words dropped in conversations with service assistants when trawling luggage shops.

The leaders of the pack (excuse the pun!) in my research to date are the Osprey Soujourn or the Thule Crossover Rolling Duffle for StJohn and I. Charlotte’s luggage is a little trickier as she is going to have to be able to carry hers and most travels bags are rather heavy for her, we’re still working on that.

Over a glass or two of wine a few evenings ago, St.John wondered out loud whether we should just have cabin size luggage – so it easy to stow in overhead lockers and no waiting for luggage at airports when we do fly between destinations. I was enthusiastic at the time, now I’m not so sure… that’s not a lot of space and while I want to pack as lightly as possible cabin size bag might be a stretch for me! I am going do a few test-runs and see what I can get into cabin size without going over weight restrictions on cabin luggage. I will keep you posted.

Then there’s the day pack that we will carry around wherever we go – it’s got to be small yet fit our tech items like a laptops, iPad and of course the requisite chargers, plus a few other things like a light weight jacket and our travels docs.

There is a vast world of specialised travel gear available out there. In the meantime, until we have a final decision we’re still doing our homework about the travel gear. We’ve decided to try to find a company, ideally South African but critical if not, who can join us as our travel gear partner – so if you know anyone we can get in touch with, let us know via the Contact page on our website or our Facebook page.

Essentially our lives need to fit in in the 2 bags we each carry on the adventure of a lifetime, what a fabulous problem to have!

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