No more treading water... it's final 10 January 2017

Things have changed quite a bit since I posted the first blog and put this website live…. The date has moved forward….it’s now 2018 for our family to hit the road and travel approximately 98 000km in 1 year!

Personally, I am very excited by the idea that the trip is closer but also terrified at times. Every now and again my detailed driven list brain goes into overdrive… Will we be ready to teach Charlotte on the road? What about visas (Charlotte and I are on SA passports so travel is trickier for us to many places)? What about luggage? What we going to pack? What about on-going medications we both take –can we get them as we travel? What about insurance? The lists go on and on and my head spins and I feel rather daunted. Then I have peaceful moments and I think about the amazing opportunity for our family and research places I have dreamt about going to and discovering new places we should try and visit and I feel very excited!

To answer the question on why the change in the year, it was not an overnight decision but the short version is - there will be no perfect time, and treading water for another 18 months was not a good idea for us. Wanting to get going on some projects but knowing 18 months was not enough of a lead time for any new projects to gain traction was not ideal. Living in a state of flux is not fun. A wise friend said “well what are you debating about – bring it a year earlier, just do it!”. This has been the second-best decision we’ve made thus far about this trip (the first was to embark the trip!).

The most asked question we get is ‘what is your route’? Thanks to an incredible website we found, Travellerspoint, we’ve been able to start plotting our basic route and best ways to get between places etc. An awesome site and as we plan more and more we add more detail and links that will be accessible while we travel! The best is that it is really built up & supported by a community of travelers with hints, tips, advice, pictures and blogs – go and take a look – before you know it you will be planning your next adventure!

So where are we starting? South America in January 2018.

The South African summer break has just ended and our 3-week vacation in a small coastal village 2 hours from Cape Town has just ended. Sea, sun, SUP and good family time meant we had some time to do more route planning and thinking about our adventure.

Check back in every couple of weeks to read how we are progressing with our planning.